Report a Repair

Important Information

An emergency repair is defined as something which could cause danger to health, residents' safety or serious damage to property. This includes, for example, severe roof leaks; burst pipes; severe loss of water; blocked drains; blockage of your only toilet; complete loss of power or lighting; complete loss of heating in cold weather; dangerous electrical fault; & security following a break-in. When attending an out of hours repair, our contractor will normally be instructed to make the repair safe only, with the full repair being carried out during normal opening hours. Please only use the out of hours service for a genuine emergency repair. If you call an emergency contractor for a less serious repair, you may be charged all costs involved if we think you have acted unreasonably.

Report an Out of Hours Emergency Repair

If you are an OTHA tenant and have an emergency repair when the association's office is closed, the emergency out of hours services can be contacted using the numbers below:

Contractor Contact Number Covering
The National Gas Emergency Service 0800 111 999 Gas Leaks
Avid Building Insurance 01204 860 429 Buildings Insurance
James Frew - Gas Sure 01294 468 113 All Trades including Gas Central Heating 

For Strone Farm Development - please call Herongrange Security on 0743 170 600

Report a Non-Urgent Repair

Each year we deal with a wide range of repair requests. For non-urgent repairs, please contact our repairs team on 01475 807 001 during our office opening hours or by logging a repair request via our customer portal. 

Please DO NOT report emergency repairs on the Tenant Portal.

Call us on 01475 807001 or Log Into My Oak Tree

*Non-emergency repairs or non-urgent repairs are things you can reasonably live with for a short time without immediate risk to our safety or health, for example, an internal door repair or plastering. Please report all non-emergency repairs using our online repairs reporting service. This will allow us to clearly prioritise all repairs effectively and speed up our response time.