Our experienced and qualified staff team are committed to going the extra mile for the tenants and the customers we serve.  All staff can be contacted via our main switchboard 01475 807000 or or by our Contact Us page.

Staff Members

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Management Team
Name Position
Nick Jardine Chief Executive Officer
Sukhdeep Hopper Director of Property
Kes Cameron Director of Finance
Julie McEwan Director of Housing
Name Position
Kirsty Davis Senior Compliance and Corporate Officer
Mary McCreadie Corporate Services and Admin Supervisor
Elizabeth MacKay Clerical Assistant (part-time)
Jacqueline Harkins Clerical Assistant
Jemma Anderson Clerical Assistant
Finance Team
Name Position
Kes Cameron Director of Finance
Claudia Ennemoser Senior Finance Officer (Part-Time, Job-Share)
Julie-Anne Shearer Senior Finance Officer (Part-Time, Job-Share)
Anita Hunter Finance Assistant
Cheryl Gault Finance Assistant
IT Team
Name Position
Ewan Barr IT Manager
Richard Browning IT Assistant
Josh Garner Modern Apprentice in IT & Telecommunications
Housing Services
Name Position
Julie McEwan Director of Housing
Ann-Marie Mullan Senior Housing Officer
Louise Ward Housing Officer
Lyndsey Robinson Housing Officer
Maxine Ferguson Housing Officer (Part-Time, Job-Share)
Morag Sharp Housing Officer (Part-Time, Job-Share)
Alana Broadfoot Housing Assistant
Christine McHarg Housing Assistant (Temporary)
Claire McLoone Housing Assistant
Ellie Butcher Housing Assistant
Laurina Mooney Housing Assistant (Part-Time, Job-Share)
Linda Smith Housing Assistant (Part-Time, Job-Share)
Ronnie Bennett Housing Assistant (Part-Time)
Louise Blue Housing Administration Assistant
House Keeping Team
Name Position
Eleanor Gallacher Housekeeper
Tracy Swan Housekeeper
Name Position
Sukhdeep Hopper Director of Property
Peter MacDonald Senior Maintenance Officer (Reactive)
Brian Robertson Senior Maintenance Officer (Planned & Cyclical)
Andy MacDonald Maintenance Officer
David Fulton Maintenance Officer
John Stephens Maintenance Officer
Karis McAlinden Maintenance Officer
Claire Hubeaux Repairs Assistant (Supervisor)
Karen McDermott Repairs Assistant
Emma Docherty Repairs Assistant

Lorraine Cameron

Repairs Assistant

Jonathan Hughes

Repairs Assistant
Human Resources
Name Position
Gillian Boyle Senior HR Officer
Jacqueline Harkins Admin support
Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance
Name Job Title
Robert Dowds Project Coordinator (Temporary)
Scott Bonnar Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Supervisor (Temporary)
Christopher McEwan Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Assistant (Temporary)
Christopher McLachlan Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Assistant (Temporary)
Iain Nicolson Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Assistant (Temporary)