We are committed to embracing diversity, promoting equal opportunity for all and the elimination of discrimination in all areas of the association’s work.

We will not unfairly treat any person less favourably as a result of their gender, marital status, age, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, religion or similar philosophical belief, sexuality, disability,  health status (including HIV or AIDS), or personal attributes including appearance.

OTHA aims to develop a practical plan of action to ensure the different needs of our customers are met and which is sensitive to the diverse concerns of the local community in Inverclyde. Our office is suitable for use by people with impaired mobility or who use a wheelchair. 

We will make clear, full and accurate information on all aspects of our activities available to all  existing and potential service users in an accessible format. The availability of information in  different formats including large print and translated into different languages will be clearly promoted.

We will have access to telephone interpretation services as required, including Next Generation Text Service (for people who have a hearing impairment) and will clearly promote the availability of these services. 

If you wish a copy of our Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy, please contact the office on 01475 807000 or email info@oaktreeha.org.uk