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Inverclyde Common Housing RegisterOak Tree Housing Association is partnered with Inverclyde Common Housing Register (ICHR) and These Homes.  You can register online and apply for properties within the Inverclyde area and across Scotland.  Once you are registered with the ICHR and These Homes you can apply for available properties from Cloch, Oak Tree, Larkfield, Link, and Sanctuary Housing Associations as well as all the other Scottish landlords who are These Homes partners.  

Visit Inverclyde Common Housing Register


Please allow ten working days for your application to Inverclyde Common Housing Register to be activated. Bids with ICHR is limited to 3 per cycle, a bidding cycle usually lasts 9 days. The successful applicant(s) who receive an offer of housing must a) contact the relevant landlord within 24hrs following from initial contact made by the landlord, and b) have the specified months rent in advance available. Failing to meet these conditions may result in an applicant being issued with a first refusal. If an applicant refuses 2 properties within a 6 month period they may be suspended for 12 months and will be unable to bid for properties. Applications may also be suspended if they have failed to update their address when bidding for properties. Applicants can appeal a suspension by contacting Inverclyde Common Housing Register on 01475 807 011. Properties, both those available for immediate let and available through the Inverclyde Common Housing Register, may be subject to immediate change.