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Our Community, Our Future 

Our Community, Our Future is an opportunity for people in Bow Farm, Branchton, Fancy Farm, Grieve Road and Pennyfern to make decisions about how money for the area is spent on local projects.  If you live in the area you can vote for projects that you’d like to see happen.

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The Projects

The projects available to vote for are:

Inverclyde Heartstart (£1,200)

Inverclyde HeartstartTo deliver Basic Emergency Life Support skills to Community Groups. Youth Organisations within Inverclyde, and work in conjunction with Inverclyde Schools. Our 2 hour course involves practical training in the following: Dealing with an Unconscious Casualty, Mouth to Mouth and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation including the use of an Automated External Defibrillator [Defib], Dealing with a Choking Casualty, Serious Bleeding and signs symptoms of a Heart Attack, the course is delivered with Practical sessions using Mannequins and video clips

Morton Fun Club (£5,000)

Morton CommunityMorton in the community will provide a free weekly fun club for boys and girls aged 4-8years based at Inverclyde Academy (tbc), this session will include football and hockey sessions. While the children are participating in one hour of physical activity parents/ guardians will have the opportunity to engage with our Employability team to ask any questions with regards to applying for jobs, CV’s, further education, Interviews etc. After the hour session both parents/guardians and children will get the opportunity to have a healthy meal together before heading home. These sessions will be available during school term time which will include 4 x 8 week blocks per year.

REWRITE (£5,000)

REWRITE1. In this project my aim is to empower the community to REWRITE their story in any way that serves them. I plan to incorporate the following:

  • One on One Community Coaching
  • Group Coaching online
  • Workshops
  • Adults- over 18’s
  • Teens- 11-17
  • Young People 7-11

2. Supporting families to create a system that works for them to lead a healthier lifestyle, mentally, and physically. Building confidence in life, home, personal, and professional environments. I will be teaching the power of self-leadership to people here in Inverclyde

I will be bringing in a personal trainer, and a mindfulness coach as part of this project as we focus on REWRITING the story of the WHOLE person.

Gardening for Health (£5,000)

Gardening for HealthI want to encourage gardening in the area to make it look nice and colourful. I got into gardening around 4 years ago and have learned how to collect seeds from different plants, keeping my brain active and helping my mental health. It also keeps me active and feeling like I have achieved something from just planting a seed and watching it grow. I enjoy seeing all the different types of nature it brings to the garden from birds to bees and different types of bugs and I would like to welcome anyone in our community to join in and try to grow some vegetables and fruit. As I have only grown flowers so far in my gardening journey this will also be a challenge for me.

Mindfulness Matters (£5,000)

Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing the spotlight of our attention on the present moment, by staying in the here and now and we can avoid the difficulties of the past or the worries about the future that often cause us distress

Open your eyes to the Community around and live life to the full by developing your Mindfulness awareness.

Mind Mosaic will deliver Mindfulness courses within your community, which will support people to be more aware and awake to the present moment, with a calm, curious and compassionate attitude which allows us live life to the full. Individuals will have the opportunity to practice and learn new ways of incorporating mindful awareness into everyday life and in a supportive and non-judgemental way.

Some of the many benefits of Mindfulness are decreased stress, lower anxiety, reduced blood pressure, increased awareness, and it boosts attention span and focus, promotes empathy and compassion and improves mental health and wellbeing

Comments from people who have completed the course previously……

“Within myself I feel more positive on my thoughts – outlooks on life.”

“Enjoyed this time of mindfulness. Got a lot from this in dealing with life’s stress.”

Care about Yourself and Care for the People Inverclyde

Trauma Informed Inverclyde (£5,000)

Trauma Informed InverclydeTrauma has a range of possible impacts on our physical and mental health as well as on our social connection and interactions.

Trauma affects us all directly or indirectly and a large percentage of our Inverclyde Community has been affected by trauma, yet we struggle to think that the people we engage with on a daily basis are survivors of Trauma whether it be abuse, bereavement, depression, anxiety or traumas in relationships. Living through traumatic events is a common experience across our lifespan

  • With this funding, Mind Mosaic will support our local communities by providing trauma informed education to all.
  • This will help our community to become better equipped to recognise the effects of Trauma and provide coping strategies to help people deal with their situation

This kind of training helps to reduce stigma of mental health in our communities. It increases awareness of mental health and may enable people to be more open and talk, therefore making our community more caring, sharing and compassionate to self and others.

The training will be delivered in your community by trained MindMosaic trauma therapists working alongside MindMosaic volunteers with lived experience of trauma.

I Am, You Are, We Are, Inverclyde

Lady Alice Family and Homework Club (£750)

Family and Homework ClubWe are a group of parents/carers from Lady Alice Primary School who have set up a homework club called (LAFS) Lady Alice Family Support. It runs every Monday from 2pm – 3pm (drop in for parents/carers) and 3pm – 4pm (for homework club) from pre-school to primary 7.

We were inspired to start the club after the school ran an 8 week programme focusing on parental involvement. We have 12 Families who attend with 17 children and a member of staff from the school to offer support.

Our aims are to encourage children to do homework tasks and become independent learners which will help develop essential learning skills that will serve well throughout their lives.

Provide a fun learning environment for parents/carers and children to learn together and forge relationships with other families.

Provide support for parents/carers so they have the confidence and knowledge to support in their child’s learning.

This would help the Homework Club to provide Maths/Literacy resources to our existing members and encouraging new families to come along. Could offer healthier snacks for the children before they begin homework club at and would like to provide an after schoolsport programme on the last Monday of every month.

Time Out Creche (£5,000)

Time Out CrecheWe would like to be based at Branchton Community Centre and provide a Time -Out every week over 32 weeks per year. Branchton has a dedicated crèche room, which meets the needs of very young children. Access will be free to parents from this community to ensure cost is not a barrier to participation. The Time -Outs will be advertised widely across the local area

The crèche will attract parents to Branchton allowing them the opportunity to take part in the opportunities at the centre and other activities and support in the wider community. This will help to reduce their isolation, by helping to make connections with other parents and people in their local area

Early intervention is seen as a key factor in supporting children to reach their potential. Having this support gives young children access to quality childcare which helps to nurture children in these crucial early years. It gives parents time to themselves, away from their caring responsibilities, time to re-charge and supported by a staff team, who are trained to recognise when a parent or a child needs additional support. This could include sign-posting/referrals to housing/financial advice, support such as Health Visitors or speech and language for support for their child.

Little Trailblazers (£5,000)

Little TrailblazersLittle Trailblazers is a Parent/Toddler group which is ran by local mum Laura, blogger and founder of KERR'S JOURNEY

Laura aims to provide a tranquil space each week and have a selection of sensory items which can be borrowed by family’s to allow them to try out various things before purchasing the often expensive items. These would be made up into welcome bags which would have some essentials like a fidget toy, sensory items such as squishy ball and ear defenders

In additions to this Little Trailblazers would run a family club one Saturday a month to allow siblings enjoy a day of fun activities whilst parents can come along and know they’re in a familiar environment and with people who are all in the same situation.

£4000 would allow Little Trailblazers to purchase equipment suitable for children with ASD and to cover costs of weekly session and for the activities and facilities / food / juice etc. for the fun sessions once a month. It would also allow us to start the goody bag and this will provide items mentioned above and also leaflets etc

Mascot is currently being designed as part of a school competition.

Branchton Young Driver (£2,000)

Branchton Young Drivers ProjectThe purpose of this project is to give young people in the Branchton area an opportunity to take training and learning that they otherwise could not afford.

The Branchton Young Drivers scheme will give young people between the age of 12 to 16 the chance to receive tuition through actual lessons and simulators so that they are in a much better position to pass their driving test when they turn 17.

We believe that this training will help the young people develop their life skills as well as helping them with learning which will directly benefit their future job chances.

We are asking for £2,000 towards the costs of the project. The young people will also be doing their own fundraising for the project.

Community Transport Scheme (£5,000)

Community Transport SchemeThe purpose of the Community Transport Scheme is to improve the opportunity for people in Branchton, Bow Farm, Fancy Farm, Grieve Road and Pennyfern to attend events, classes and courses taking place in the area.

Within Greenock South West there are lots of activities taking place at Community Centres, Churches, Children’s Centres etc. The idea of this project is to have a community transport scheme in place that will allow for a Mini-Bus to collect and return people, to and from these events

This will help and encourage people to leave their home and take part in community activities, especially in areas not connected by public transport or at times which local bus timetables don’t cover.

We are asking for up to £5,000 to test whether this scheme will work. If it does, we will put forward a bid to other funders to extend the scheme in the future. The funding will be spent on Mini-Bus Hire, Insurance, Running Costs, Marketing, Publicity and Volunteer Expenses.

Ocean Youth Trust Sailing Trip (£5,000)

Ocean Youth Trust Sailing TripLast year, 12 young people from the Branchton area went on a weekend Yacht Trip with the Ocean Youth Trust. This funding bid is looking to give young people in the area the opportunity of a lifetime by letting them go on a week-long trip.

The Ocean Youth Trust provide trips for young people aged 12 and over. As well as learning sailing related skills the trips offer much more than this. They young people will learn valuable life skills like teamwork, confidence-building, problem-solving and leadership.

The Young People have committed themselves to carrying out fund-raising events for the project but any funds given by the bid will contribute towards the overall costs. The more they receive then the more people who can take part.

Youth club visit to Parliament (£1,000)

Youth Club Visit to ParliamentWe have applied for participatory budgeting to the total of £1000 in order to facilitate a trip to the Scottish Parliament for teenagers aged between 14-18yrs old.

At Activ8 Our Place, we are trying to encourage people to have an active voice within their community, and part of this includes the voice of the young person. I have been working closely with the senior Youth Club based at Branchton, and during this process, lengthy discussions have taken place regarding the process of democracy.

Our main aim for this trip, is to enable the people attending to see the process of democracy and in doing so, highlight the transfer of knowledge gained, from seeing parliamentary democracy and discussion, to a local level. It is hoped that this will enable the children attending to create a vision for the future of the senior youth clubs, and in doing so be accountable for decision making within the youth club and other areas they are involved in.

The team of youth club attendees I am working with, have been active in all processes of applying for this, attending the workshops run by RIG arts, and the design of our social media posts to encourage voting.

Credit Union Outreach (£5,000)

Credit Unit Outreach

To take forward the aims of the Credit Union and for the long term sustainment of the Credit Union we hope to attract and encourage more young people to start a savings habit in order for them to understand their finances and ensure they have a credible lending option available to them when their borrowing needs arise. We are currently engaging with local schools in the area and we wish to continue with this development in the South West area, covering 2 Primary Schools – St Joseph’s and Lady Alice. Our aim would be to encourage savings in all local schools, encouraging school pupils to take charge of their pay points, increasing their knowledge of financial awareness, employability and business skills. This work can also lead to an accreditation for senior pupils

With a population of over 79,160, 16% are children aged 0-15 and there are estimates that 1 in 4 live in poverty. Sustainability of the credit union is to attract more young residents. By continuing the school project, young people will learn to understand their finances, giving them another route to having a credible lending option available to them when their borrowing needs arise, as well as still encouraging them to save

Due to Inverclyde being a pilot area for the roll out of Universal Credit the credit union has seen the impact of this in the local community. People are now approaching the Credit Union to borrow without being a member. They can sometimes have less options available to them to borrow smaller amounts of money. This can be for washing machines, cookers that breakdown or need replacing, or even family emergencies that arise. The board has recently agreed to introduce a new instant loan of £400 enabling new members to borrow without saving first, thus helping those who can't access credit anywhere else for these essential items or emergencies.We continually look to attend in an outreach basis i.e. any college induction days, school parents night, open days at community Centres and any other partnership groups e.g. SAMH, local housing associations, money advice services. We also have open days during the year within our own premises encouraging new people to join.

Community Fridge (£5,000)

Community FridgeWhat we’d like to achieve is to encourage local people to take part in cooking activities, preparing and sharing home cooked tasty meals with people in need of a little extra support. Discharged from hospital, a period of illness or someone older living alone are all people who may enjoy eating a meal prepared by a neighbor in an act of kindness and support, contributing towards rebuilding a sense of community and belonging and knowing that other people care

People taking part in the cooking activities will share their love of cooking, develop new friendships and get to enjoy the meals that they make at the end of the session or take home to share with family or friends. Half of what is made will be stored in the community fridge or freezer ready to be used by someone else in the community. At the end of the cooking sessions, participants will also get a small parcel of store cupboard ingredients to continue their cooking activities at home.

Investment for Young Dancers (£2,000)

Investment in Young PeopleLorraine and her team have been teaching in Inverclyde for over 30 years , keeping children and young people off of the streets of Inverclyde and involving them in a fantastic hobby , helping them express their emotions through the art of dance. Kids within Inverclyde enjoy Dance as a hobby and we have tried for many years to attempt to keep the costing to a minimum to ensure children from all deprived area's and parents on low budget incomes can still access a fun filled hobby as we feel this helps them develop also their social skills and team working skills. We are a school that Depends on fundraising and the kindness of the community to invest in our team to help us gain the right equipment to ensure they are able to progress in all levels of dance, we are hoping that you will invest in our team and help us gain the opportunity to further their dance skills through gaining practical supports such as equipment and also money raised to help kids and their families with travel and expenses when the opportunities arise in attending competitions across the UK

The Voting Process

The more money a project is asking for the more votes it needs to be successful.


Everyone who lives in the area can vote.  You can vote

  • Online via this link – (only available for people aged 13 or over) – closes at midnight on Friday 22nd March.
  • By paper by completing our Our Community, Our Future Voting Form (copies of which are available to download from here or from the applicant projects) – must be received by CVS Inverclyde, 75-81 Cathcart Street, Greenock, PA15 1DE by 4pm on Friday 22 March.  You can hand your vote to one of the participating projects.  Email or phone 01475 711 733 if you’d like us to post you a postal vote. 

You can also vote in person at our Family Fun Day at Inverclyde Academy on Saturday 23rd March between 11am and 3pm.  This is an extra vote – feel free to vote online / by post and then come along and vote again.


Online / paper votes will comprise two-thirds of the total score.  Votes in person on the 23rd March will comprise one-third of the total score.